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If you are visiting our site because you are a collector of Olympic pins or other memorabilia relating to the greatest sporting event on earth, then you have found the right place. The Olympin Collectors Club is a non-profit group reaching more than 500 members in over 30 countries. It is the oldest active pin club in the pin world, recognized for its integrity, reliability and quick service. We invite you to relax, surf around our website and then join us!

June 2019 Newsletter

This issue's feature article focuses on the Warsaw 2019 World Olympic Collectors' Fair. Piotr Debsky nicely captures the fun and excitement of this year's fair attended by many of our Olympin Club members. Olympin's own 38th convention is just around the corner. Details are provided for signing up for tables and the show hotel at special rates. To refresh everyone's memory about past conventions, there's a handy table outlining each one from 1982 to the present. There is missing information for some of the years; don't hesitate to contact Don if you can fill in any of the blanks. Lastly, Pete Wade explains all about the significance of the designs of our 2019 and 2020 club pins. To access the newsletter, simply click on the Members button in the upper right corner of this screen (or click here), then enter your Email and Password. There is a "Forgot your password?" link to the left of the log-in area just in case.

Gallery - 2019 World Olympic Collectors' Fair
Warsaw, Poland - 24-26 May 2019

Olympic Centre, Warsaw Olympic Centre, entrance Presentation of POW Olympic banner Opening Day of the Fair The Italian contingent R. Babut, R. Oseguera, R. Bravender Sculpture garden at the Olympic Centre Opening Ceremony, Olympic Centre lobby Opening Ceremony, C.K. Wu welcomes attendees Wall of Polish Olympians, Olympic Centre Philatelic exhibition on lower level Pins display Full set of 2019 WOCF Pins I. Thomakos & C. Vasilakos after presentation Lesik, mascot of the 2019 Euro Games in Minsk Polish Olympians honoring the POC centennial

Photos: M. Maestrone, J. Hou, R. Oseguera, S. Marantz

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