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If you are visiting our site because you are a collector of Olympic pins or other memorabilia relating to the greatest sporting event on earth, then you have found the right place. The Olympin Collectors Club is a non-profit group reaching some 500 members in over 30 countries. It is the oldest active pin club in the pin world, recognized for its integrity, reliability and quick service. We invite you to relax, surf around our website and then join us!

September 2020 Newsletter

LA2028 logoGreetings to all 496 of our Olympin members from 32 nations around the world. And a warm welcome to our 6 new members since June! We hope you and your family are safe and healthy during COVID-19!

We have plenty of exciting articles for you in this issue of the Olympin newsletter. Pam Litz and Ron Finnigan present the new LA2028 Olympic logo with changeable letter "A." Also on tap is a review by Jim Goddard of his first trip to the new US Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs. From Ken Kozloff comes an article on his collecting niche: models and reproductions of Olympic stadiums. And for all you pin people, Barry Taman tells a tale of pin production at major North American pin producer, Laurie Artiss Ltd. - The Pin People. On a sadder note, there is a brief obituary on Manfred Bergman who was instrumental in highlighting Olympic collecting on the world stage. There are also updates on the Coca-Cola pin trading at Tokyo, and news about next year's Olympin Festival in Atlanta and World Olympic Collectors' Fair in Paris.

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Gallery - 2019 Boston Olympin Festival
Boston, Massachusetts - 6-8 September 2019

Boston weather was perfect: in the 70s, sunny, and beautiful! Peng Xu started collecting in Beijing in 2008. Mark Fiedler, Pete Wade, Domenico DiPinto and Bob Kalmuk. Pam Litz explains pin trading to Bostonian Jeanette Ferreira. Lois Holloway, Mark Chestnut and Pam Litz. Jill and Alison gather stories for their podcast Olympic Fever. Ken Weiss displays his NOC traders. Dorie Leo, Bob Kalmuk, Sid Marantz, Dave Apathy and Doug Todd. Domenico joins us once again from Italy. Dave and Mark examining some Olympic treasures. Our auction helps to defray the costs of the show. At the pre-banquet reception. Festival chair Jon Becker welcomes all to the banquet. Members from 14 states and 4 different countries reunite. A sumptuous buffet was laid out for the Olympin banquet. Jousting for that extra show pin!

Photos: P. Litz and E. Schneider

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