Gallery - 21st World Olympic Collectors Fair, Lake Placid, NY

Main Street, Lake Placid, New York Olympic Center, site of the Olympic Fair Open for business! 1932 Olympic Arena with lots of space for tables Bud & Sid trading those pins Frances has a little something for everyone Michael Bowlby, the new Olympin autograph expert Lots of happy faces on the Olympic Venue Tour bus Tour director, Jon Becker, at Whiteface Mountain Olympic medalists (?) at the Olympic Sports Complex At the Sports Complex Museum: circa 1930s German bobsled Olympic Jumping Complex overlooking the Adirondacks Wendy & Wayne USA Luge facility with 3 start gates Irina, one of many intrepid lugers who tried the course Opening Ceremony at the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds Relighting the 1980 Olympic cauldron Lake Placid Museum reception A rarely seen display of Winter Olympics parade uniforms Saturday night banquet enjoyed by all Sid, Don and Scott at the Sunday Olympin Club meeting So long, Lake Placid, we had a great time!
Photos: Wendy Wickstrom & Mark Maestrone