Gallery - 2018 World Olympic Collectors' Fair
Los Angeles, California - 6-8 September 2018

Group shot at the LA Coliseum LA84 Foundation With Sam the Eagle at the LA84 Foundation reception LB Convention Center (l) and Queen Mary Olympian John Naber opens the WOCF Nick Wolaver and Nippy Feldhake having some fun Conrad Klinkner negotiating with a customer Co-Chair J. Becker, K. Rosen, and A. Polsky D. Presburger and S. Marantz doing some pin trading Olympic Pavilion LA 1932 & 1984 philatelic exhibits Olympic posters (C. Klinkner collection) Olympic winners medals (Ingrid O. collection) Olympic torches (Ingrid O. collection) Pam checks out Dawn Harper Nelson’s Olympic medals Spirited bidding at the silent auction French contingent: K. Verjuin, JP. Picquot & S. Hatot Europe was well-represented at the Fair USOC archivist Teri Hedgpeth US Olympic Museum CEO, C. Liedel, and T. Hedgpeth Olympian Dick Fosbury with his new book Terrezene Brown (1964) and Dick Fosbury (1968) Queen Mary: Gala Banquet in the Royal Salon Queen Mary: members enjoying the banquet Queen Mary: members enjoying the banquet At the Outback Steakhouse for a final get-together Mark Chestnut and Dorie Leo at the Outback

Photos: J. Lopreiato, N. Jacobs, W. Wickstrom, M. Maestrone

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