Gallery - 2021 Olympic Pin & Memorabilia Show
Atlanta, Georgia - 4-7 November 2021

Our pin trading drought was finally over! Over 70 tables of Olympic memorabilia in the Hyatt Grand Hall. Reuniting with good friends. Jon Becker taking a breather while Karen Rosen closes a deal. New member Victor Mahbub from Mexico doing some trading. Allen Lee was part of the hard-working team of volunteers. On Friday the Braves’ victory parade passed right by our hotel. David Apathy checks out items for the live auction. Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) on Friday night. Getting those paddles ready for the live auction. Scott Reed directing the live auction at the HRC. Scott & Don Bigsby inspecting the silent auction offerings. Enjoying the HRC evening. Enjoying the HRC evening. In the live auction Lois Holloway was the lucky winner of the Lillehammer mascots. “Now how am I going to get them home?" Santa paid a visit to the show on Saturday. This happy group at Saturday’s reception hailed from 6 states. The Eddie Auctions help to defray the costs of the show. Saturday’s banquet at the Hyatt Regency. Saturday’s banquet at the Hyatt Regency. Sheila and Ed Hula of ATR chatted with our guest speaker. Brad Copeland spoke about designing The Look of two Olympics. Cheers from your Olympin Board officers.

Photos: P. Litz and E. Schneider