Our Mission

The Olympin Collectors Club is dedicated to promoting Olympic pin trading -- one of the earliest Olympic traditions -- and collecting of Olympic memorabilia. Through member interaction, collections grow faster, and new friendships are established that may last a lifetime. The Club encourages members to learn more about the Olympic Movement and its goals.

Our History

The Olympin Collectors Club was formed in 1982 -- after the Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid -- by Don Bigsby and a group of fellow pin collectors. After modest beginnings in the Albany area, Olympin slowly grew and began to attract Olympic hobbyists from all over North America. As the Olympic memorabilia hobby balloooned after the Los Angeles Games in 1984, the Club continued growing and became known globally.

Today, Olympin boasts over 500 members worldwide, and the Club works hard to encourage the establishment and growth of other clubs around the world.

After an early focus on just Olympic pins, club activities and shows today have expanded to include other memorabilia, such as apparel, badges, diplomas, mascots, medals, paper, patches, torches and other collectibles.