Legal Liability Disclaimer

The Olympin Collectors Club is a non-profit group that exists to promote the hobby of Olympic pin and memorabilia collecting. We strive to do this by organizing Club gatherings and events and acting as a conduit for Olympic Games collectors worldwide through the publication of a quarterly newsletter and an annual Club membership directory.

Membership in the Olympin Collectors Club is open to all and the Club undertakes no membership vetting process before someone joins the Club. The Club does NOT and can NOT provide any assurance that individual members will always conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner when selling, buying, or trading Olympic pins and memorabilia. Club members should always exercise care and undertake due diligence when engaging in sales, purchases, or exchanges with each other as the Club does not have the authority or the financial resources to adjudicate or resolve any disputes which may arise. Furthermore, the Club assumes no responsibility or liability for any sales, purchases, or exchanges conducted by or between its members or third parties.