Authenticity Project: National Olympic Committee Pins

To search for pins and their related information:
1. Select an Olympic Year.
2. Choose a filter to sort by: Nation, Newest Listing, or Status.
3. Choose from the Nations listed (Hint: to see a full list for that Olympic Year, select "All Nations") or a Status level. Selecting Newest Listing will automatically generate a full list of pins for that Olympic Year sorted by when the pin was listed.
4. On the results page you will have the option of printing your list to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the "Print to Excel" button at the bottom.

Updated 19 October 2014  Rio: More Generics

Future listings will include every NOC pin that is discovered. For the moment, "suspect" NOC pins (i.e., with a status of "questionable" or worse) issued for the 2012 London Olympic Games are listed. 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games NOC pins will be listed as they are reported.

To contact the committee, email to: