Gallery - 2022 Olympin Festival
Colorado Springs, Colorado 3-6 November 2022

Gail & Don Bigsby, Diane Goddard and Teri Hedgpeth welcome all Ernie & Ernesto Sanchez enjoy the Welcome Reception Catching up with old friends at the Welcome Reception The City Auditorium marquee announces the Olympin Show On Friday the show begins in the City Auditorium! Dan Presburger, Chuck Jones, Jack Chestnut discuss a deal Ed Schneider and Mark Haberl at the show Ben Liu checks out the tables Archives: Danielle Claudio presents Olympians & Paralympians Ingrid ONeil & Conrad Klinkner admire the swag at the Archives Thelma Riehle chats with Paralympian Morgan Flaharty Bud Kling, Pete Wade, Jim & Mary Kendell await their tour Gail & Don Bigsby enjoy their tour at the Archives Mark Haberl captures part of Gordy Crawfords badge donation Behind the scenes in a special backroom at the Archives David Apathy & Michael Bowlby make a new friend Modern pentathlete Sammy Schultz with Scott & Delphine Reed Pam Litz & Janet Grissom with USOP Foundation staff members Lots of action at Olympian Cindy Stingers table on Saturday! Mary & Jim Kendell and Bob Kalmuk enjoy reconnecting Karen Rosen visits with Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis Olympians Louganis, Michelle Dusserre-Farrell & Cindy Stinger Wrestler Morgan Flaharty & friend drop by to trade Brian Carberry volunteers to sell USA shooting & skating garb Scott Reed is master of all he surveys Starry Saturday night & a festive dinner at the USOP Museum Luis Rojas trades pins with an enthusiastic museum staffer Jim Goddard and Pete Wade confer at the silent auction Chris Buzeta cannot resist trying to hold a torch Ernesto & Ernie Sanchez place bids at the Eddie Auction Beautifully displayed USOP Museum exhibits

Photos: Helge Braathen, Brian Carberry, Danielle Claudio, Jim & Diane Goddard,
Pam Litz, Ben Liu, Ed Schneider, Robin Schneider, Nicholas Wolaver